At The Margins

Mastering the Nuances of Business Communication to Build Credibility, Persuade and Differentiate

In a competitive environment where everyone is good, you need to master all the nuances of presenting an idea and yourself credibly, persuasively and, confidently to give decision-makers that feeling that you are the best!

Meet the author Neil Grammer

Neil Grammer is the founder and president of Dialogue Strategies Inc. He has been helping people become highly effective communicators for over 25 years. He has worked with professionals ranging from new hires to CEO's and Board Members. His clients include multinationals like IBM, Royal Bank, HSBC, Proctor and Gamble and SAP. He has also helped clients in emerging sectors like Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS and Cannabis. Neil has helped many growing companies with Investor presentations that have helped them raise the capital to realize their vision. His practical approach has been instrumental in his clients' success. 

What’s Inside ?

Like anyone great at anything, it looks effortless, but every great athlete, artist, or musician has spent countless hours honing their skills to make it look easy.

Communication is no different.  At The Margins: Mastering the Nuances of Communication to Build Credibility, Persuade, and Differentiate will help you rethink Communication without having to give up any of your authenticity. Whether you're a "natural" or the person who is deathly afraid of being the centre of attention, this book will help you be consistently credible, persuasive, and differentiate you from your competition. 

Have you ever heard, "you were really great, but the chosen candidate just had a bit more experience?"

How about "we really liked your pitch, but the other vendor tightened their pricing/" Or, "you've been doing a fabulous job, but I think we'll hold off this year for your promotion?" 

If you've ever experienced any of these, somewhere deep in your gut, you've probably questioned what you could have done differently to change the outcome.

Where in the interview, meeting, or day-to-day performance did you "lose" the chance for success?

At The Margins

At The Margins: Mastering the Nuances of Communication to Build Credibility, Persuade and Differentiate will help you dramatically increase your success in every high stakes communication.