Gallantry in Action, Space Fleet Science Fiction Book By John Spearman

Gallantry in Action

Space Fleet Science Fiction Book By John Spearman

An action-packed military drama set in interstellar space, Gallantry in Action is a wild rollercoaster of a book that masterfully captures the lives of soldiers fighting in wars. John J. Spearman's worldbuilding is impressive, crafting a tale revolving around a war between two mega powers.

"I really do like these type of stories, that encompass such values of Honor and Integrity. It was well done for one who reads purely for enjoyment."

Lisa, (Amazon Review)

Meet the author John Spearman

Spearman is a boarding school Latin teacher and coach, and now, published author. The proud father of four sons, he credits his wife for every good thing in his life. Winner of a 7th Grade Citizenship award, Spearman lives in Maine when school is not in session.

Gallantry in Action is the first installment of the Jonah Halberd Series by John J. Spearman. A sci-fi military novel set in space, the book follows Captain Jonah Halberd, newly assigned commander of the spaceship HMS Cumberland, an advanced cruiser in the Royal Navy of the Commonwealth, currently under the reign of King Edward XII. There is an ongoing war between the Commonwealth and the Rodinan Federation.

After rescuing Lady Julia Hawthorne, the fiancee of First Space Lord Chesterfield, Jonah and his crew set off for yet another dangerous assignment. But an ensuing battle with the Rodinan armada causes heavy casualties, and Jonah finds himself captured by the enemy. A daring rescue led by Lieutenant Commander Fred MacMurray results in Jonah receiving a hero's welcome back home. Now, he must unite the Coalition for war.

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