What is Book Marketing?

Marketing for books can be done in many ways, and you have to choose the most suitable way for your book depending on your genre, and marketing goals. Sometimes marketing for books can be as simple as getting reviews with a call-out. Other times you may need to change the cover to make it more appealing or do a full launch campaign with multiple platforms.

Asking family and friends is one of the best ways to get reviews quickly, but social media posts are also a low-cost way of getting more exposure.

The book marketing funnel is a process that helps marketers to identify the type of people who they need to reach and sell their book to. It starts with identifying the audience who you want to sell your book to. After you have decided on the audience, you will then have to decide what kind of person is most likely going to buy your book and where they are likely to be found online. Once you have identified all these aspects, it will be easier for you as a marketer to decide which channels are best suited for your target audience.

What is Bookllo Funnel?

Bookllo Funnel help authors with book marketing when it comes to building email list. Author can use Bookllo Funnel page to promote their book on their social media and through PPC ads campaign.

Who are we?

We help authors publish their books and build their author brand online. We also offer marketing services to authors to promote their books and improve their book sales.

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