Momma I Should Have Listened

A Voice of Pain and Power

"I liked how the author was brave enough to air out her dirty laundry in hopes of saving the next person’s child. She kept it real by admitting her faults while also giving the readers a reality check. It doesn’t matter what we give our children, there are many other factors that can contribute to their downward spiral, including genetics." - Keyra Soléi (An Amazon Reviewer)

Meet the author Tosha Smith Mills

Tosha Smith Mills is a serial entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience as CEO of The Talent Connexion, LLC, a successful talent agency in New Orleans, who has placed talent in an extensive list of Hollywood accredited films, television shows, and commercials; Tosha also has over eighteen years of experience in the legal field. Through this, she has discovered her passion in writing and is fulfilled by sharing her testimonies, empowering those in need, and helping others find their life’s purpose.

Tosha is a native New Orleanian and is the wife to John, a mother to four young men, Blake, William, Christopher, and Trae, and a source of inspiration to all.

We live in a society that ignores to talk about a mother’s life after her child has been imprisoned.

Tosha shares a highly detailed journey of how she has been through the physical and mental exhaustion of dealing with the loss of her mother and a prodigal son.

Despite dealing with depression, she was persistent in her fight and in supporting a household with hopes that her story would resonate with other parents dealing with a child entrapped in the fantasy life of the streets.

In a series of poems and letters, Blake and Tosha express their confusion and desolation throughout their experience dealing with an unjust justice system.

Heartfelt correspondence between this mother and son communicates their acknowledgment for their faults, yet triumphs, that contributed to their journey with aspirations to be a wind of encouragement for families that are suffering the same fate.

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"This book uncovers the heartbreak, disappointment, and ultimately the mixed emotions a parent goes through when their child gets incarcerated. I have always wondered what it was like for a mother who loses their son to incarceration, especially serving life sentences. " - An Amazon Customer

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